Thursday, March 22, 2018

exhibition and response writing

This week in exhibition my group had a meeting with Mr. Dylan. We asked him 6 questions about bullying and teasing in schools. he said that one of the most important thing to do is constantly spread awareness because if we don't say it more than once it won't seem to matter as much. He also said there are many reasons for bully's to bully (popularity, making people laugh, etc). At the end of the meeting he told us that people bully people with squads so they have more power.

This week I think my time management was good. I feel that I completed what I needed to and worked hard. I formulated most of  the questions and I felt that we would receive good information.our group nearly completed the informational report and has all the structure it needs. Next week we will work on our action that we will take and finish our informational report.

This week we started a new writing topic called response writing. In response writing there are three parts, context, description and judgement. Firstly the context is basically introducing what the author is responding to.Next the description gives you detail about the object or event the author is writing about. finally the judgement tells the reader what the author thought about the object, event or whatever he wrote about. This is the first time I have worked on this type of writing and I am not sure if I will like it or not.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert

This week we had a grade 4 and 5 music concert. We all played an instrument and sang three songs(Hold Back the River, I'm on top of the world and have you ever seen the rain).

We had a dress rehearsal and a transition rehearsal before so we knew when to go on and off stage. I think the rehearsals were very helpful because we knew where to go.

I think that we did not make any bad mistakes during the concert and we did well. We had been practicing our instruments and songs for a long time and got good.

At first when I started playing trumpet it was very difficult to make most keys but later I got much better. At the end of the concert I felt like I improved so much.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Groups and mentor

In exhibition this week we learnt who was in our group and who our mentor was.

In my group I have three other people, Il woo, Seo yeon and Tam. I think that so far our group has worked well together and have not had any problems. I wonder if we will continue to work well together or if we will end up having problems.

Our group also found out which SDG we would work with and talk about during the exhibition. We got SDG #16 peace, justice and strong institutions.

My groups mentor is the former grade 5 teacher Mr.Daniel. First we emailed him to tell him we were happy that he was our mentor and we asked him what time we could meet with him. He told us that we could meet with him every Friday. On our first meeting we got a lot done and we planned some things we could do.

We also talked about our passions,me and Il woo said we liked sports,Seo yeon said she liked art and Tam said she liked baking. We tried to get an idea that had to do with each of our passions.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


This week we started exhibition. We had to connect one of our passions to an issue and three SDG's(sustainable development goals). We spent the week learning about the SDG's and doing different activitys about them.

We also thought about our passions and which of our passions we wanted to work with during exhibition. I am thinking about doing football/soccer or some kind of sport as my passion or interest.

Soon we will find out who is in our group. The groups our based on who chose similar SDG's. after we find out our group we will work with them for around 5 weeks.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Earth's government

This week I started Earth's government system which is a system we could use if all humans got together to make a governing system.

I have made a form and responsibility for each job. some responsibility's are to have doctors and nurses to keep the citizens healthy. another responsibility is to keep citizens safe from criminals which the ministry of defense can help with.

The form is that the citizen elects the president and national assembly. The president decides the ministry of defense. The president and national assembly vote for the prime minister which decides the ministry of health, law, justice and education.

I am nearly ready to present my work and I am feeling good about this.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Parent-Teacher Conferences

This week I mostly prepared for parent-teacher conferences by making a mean average about Brazil's football team's age. I also made a flow chart and explained the roles of the U.S government system. The final piece of work I prepared for the parent-teacher conferences was my discussion essay about the reasons why and why not people should be allowed to have guns. I finished all of my work and I think that my parent teacher conferences went well. I thought thet my work was neater and more organized than usual.

This week in the class government the national assembly voted to have new elections for president so Graham is not president anymore. Anyone could run for president but they had to have a speech. The people who ran were Oliver, Zach, Moritz and Karolina. Zach ended up wining and now he is our classes president. I am glad that we changed the president and if Zach is responsible I think he will do well.

I think thet I learnt a lot this week, especially about the U.S government system.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Finding The Mean Average

This week my class has been working on finding the mean average of different problems.

To find the mean average you must calculate the total of the numbers you are working with. After that you have to divide evenly among the people. The answer you receive is the mean average of that problem.

There are other ways to find the average but this is the one we are learning about.